Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top 5 prospects from SPSU camp

The Southern Poly Tech Camp provided us with a look at a number of prospects in and out of the state. Here are our Top five performers from the event.

Wendell Lewis, 6-8/200, PF, Selma (Ala.) High School, Class of 2009

Without question, he was the biggest surprise and the best looking prospect in the event. Lewis is bouncy, aggressive and athletic around the rim. He shined in the up and down style of the camp and had little problem when he get inside the paint. Lewis showed a nice ability on the boards and passed the ball well from the high post. The mid-major programs should take a good look at him now and it wouldn't come as a surprise if high-major schools locked on later in the process.

Marquise Glaze, 6-0/175, PG, Lanier (Ala.) High School, Class of 2009

This is the third time we've seen Glaze in action and each time he's been impressive. In short, Glaze is an outstanding athlete, has great speed, good but not great shooter and aggressive to the basket. There is a lot to like about him. He'll need to fine tune his overall point guard skills and show an ability to run a team. Camp settings are hard venues to do that. Overall, Glaze could very well catch on with a high-major in 2009.

Lucas Troutman, 6-7/200, PF, Belton-Honea Path (S.C.) High School, Class of 2009

Perhaps the best moment of the camp was when Troutman matched up with Lewis in the post. Troutman went to work on the blocks with an array of post moves and out played the Alabama big man. Troutman understands his position and is good with both hands around the basket. He's an average athlete that compensates with good energy and simplistic play on the block. He'll need to improve his quickness and lift in order to be an effective rebounder down low.

DeAndre Cannon, 6-5/195, SF, Marietta (Ga.) High School, Class of 2008

No one used the glass better than Cannon did. He was the best wing prospect in the event and showed off an array of moves in the midrange. Expect a big year from him this season for the Blue Devils. Offensively, he was hard to stop because of his natural strength and size. There is potential there to be a great defender as well. He's a sleeper for sure and could even be a nice mid-major player at the end of the day.

Terrence Turner, 6-5/205, PF, Fayette County (Ga.) High School, Class of 2008

Simplicity and aggressiveness were the staples of his game. Turner attacked the glass with ease, owned the boards and passed the ball out of the post. He embodied the junk yard dog mentality. There wasn't a lot of flash but there was plenty of production. You can tell that Turner is a well taught prospect.