Monday, September 17, 2007

Mondays suck...kind of

Okay, so this is a basketball blog. I get that. You want to read about hoops. But if you know me, and you probably do since you are reading this, you know that I'm also a big fan of laughing. And eating peanut butter and chocolate. I'm straying fast.

Back to the point. I hate Mondays. I really do. Until I surf the web. I love people. I love the stupid ones even more.

Hopefully your Monday can brighten up. Mine would be even better if Clinton Portis scores 51 points in tonight's game against the Eagles. My fantasy team needs him to step up in a bad way. Or if I can score some Reese's.

Game over

The cure for death? Try a social life. A 30-year-old man died in China after a three day binge of video games in an Internet café. Tell the Pac-Man in the sky hello for us all.

Father of the Year

An Atlanta area man has a warrant out for his arrest after he flew into a rage at his youth league football game two weeks ago.

"He basically was pointing his finger at the coach and screaming with the worst kind of vulgarities that his son was the best running back in the league and he should be starting," Kurt Brown, president of the Peachtree City Youth Football Association, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thanks for being a role model for your son, dad. And thanks for your email asking why your 10-year-old wasn't nationally ranked on These people do exist. I've interacted (translation: tried to inject them with knowledge of the recruiting process, explain that their child wasn't as good as they think, etc.) with them. I hope they find you.

Sure, I'll sign it

Ten-year-old Griffin Whitman hates the Yankees. And I love Shelley Duncan, a rookie for the New York Yankees. Duncan, a young budding prospect for the Yankees, signed an autograph for a 10-year-old with oversensitive parents and left an encouraging note for the superfan.

Blown save

Too bad Shelley Duncan didn't get in a cab in Boston and find Jonathan Papelbon's cell phone. Now that would be a great story. Unlike this one. What a gold mine you turned down Mr. Writer from the NY Daily News. You live for those moments. And what did you do? The right thing.

Give me free stuff

Josh Ritter is a great musician. I doubt he reads the Georgia Hoops blog. In fact, I doubt many do anyways. If he does, he'd love this. The best album I've heard all year (and I've heard plenty) is The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. Those wishing to compensate me for the endorsement can reach me at

The power is in your vote

Now onto Tuesday.