Saturday, January 26, 2008

Savannah improves to 18-0

Savannah High is doing a pretty good impression of the New England Patriots.

The Blue Jackets faced one of hte toughest challenges on Friday night at Savannah Johnson, falling behind to the host team but eventually overcame a small deficit and held on for a hard fought 55-52 win on the road.

Savannah, the top ranked team in the state according to the coaches poll, improves to 18-0 on the year and has another challenge on Saturday when the team travels to Mundy's Mill.

Tim Jordan's club is riding the scoring punch of Kevin Williams and Norris Rumph, both seniors, all season. The duo combined for 36 points on Friday night. Williams, a 5-11 speedster, and Rumph, a strong 6-2 combo, have both been important pieces of the puzzle for Savannah for the last three years and will certainly be a challenge in the state tournament.

Johnson was paced by Colorado bound forward Toby Veal, who scored 16 points while sophomore Jareal Smith, the next star from the Savannah area, added 13.

The Savannah News was all over this game. The paper broke the game down with a great recap and a passionate column on the match-up also ran with the coverage.