Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mailbag: March 26, part 1

Do you think either Whitefield or Dublin would make a decent game with any of the other classification champs? I've seen all play, but when they are playing against A and AA schools, it's hard to see if they could give a S. Atlanta, Miller Grove or Wheeler a game...

I’m sure the game would be competitive because both Dublin and Whitefield would be ready to play but the talent at Wheeler, Miller Grove and South Atlanta is just too much. Size matters and size is what all three of the bigger schools have over Dublin and Whitefield. I think the smaller schools would give all three teams some trouble on the defensive end but too much size and too much depth wins out.

What are your final top 10 player in the state in order? Class of 09 only.

1. Derrick Favors, South Atlanta
2. Mfon Udofia, Miller Grove
3. Lorenzo Brown, Centennial
4. Ari Stewart, Wheeler
5. Richard Howell, Wheeler
6. Kenny Hall, Redan
7. Glen Rice, Jr., Walton
8. Kammeon Holsey, Hancock Central
9. Noel Johnson, Fayette County
10. Jimmy Bacon, Long County

See above but add classes of '10 and '11, as well. Thanks.

Sorry, I don’t rank the players publicly until they finish their careers. I’m a big believer that rankings take the focus off the task at hand. I will send my rankings to college coaches only. Other than that, I won’t numerically rank players on Georgia Hoops anymore. I’ve seen too many people poisoned by them in the past.

What you think of Shaw's Chris Denson?

That is a tough question to answer because the player I saw during the high school season didn’t look like the player that I’ve seen in AAU. My evaluation is incomplete. Hopefully I get a chance to watch him again this weekend when I make a quick trip to Columbus for the Riverfest tournament on Sunday.

Are the Milton trio a package deal? What schools are in good position with them?

I don’t think the Milton trio is a package deal. I know their recruiting paths will cross over each others but I’d be surprised if they all go to the same school. As far as what schools are in position with them, I’m not totally sure as of now. I will see them this weekend in Augusta at the Icebreaker Invitational. I will ask them there.

I believe all three are high-major prospects and all three will go to a school at that level.

Where do you think Trae Golden will end up? Do the in-state schools GT and UGA have a chance to land him?

Whoever the new head coach is at Georgia, I think it would be wise of him and his staff to target Trae Golden. For starters, he is a player that you want to usher in a new regime with. He’s a quality kid and a one you don’t have to worry about off the court. In Georgia’s 2010 class, the talent is thin at the high-major level. That is the case nationally, too. The knock on past UGA coaching staffs is that they don’t keep the top in-state talent home. Golden is one of the top guys in 2010. The new staff needs to make a splash with recruiting with guys like Golden, Jalen Kendrick, Jumail Jones, Donte Williams, JerShon Cobb, etc.

Georgia Tech is in the mix for Golden, too. The Jackets have long been a player is his recruitment. Georgia Tech is a school the family knows plenty about.

Will Columbia be the top team in AAA next season?

Because Georgia has an epidemic of transfers during the off-season, it is hard to say anyone is the favorite in any class in March. That being said, I think Columbia will be back in the hunt. The team returns a lot.

Who is top overall freshman, Jordan Price or Tony Parker?

I believe Tony Parker is the best freshman in the state. Furthermore, I think he is the best prospect in the state outside of the class of 2009. Sure, there are still things he needs to work on (as is the case for every player out there) but his hands, footwork and overall feel for the game in the post is outstanding for a young player.