Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Georgia Hoops: Region Tournament Schedules

Forget March. The madness begins now. The region tournaments tip off on Monday across Georgia.

We will update this link regularly with tournament information.

Region 8-AAAAA
Region 7-AAAAA
Region 6-AAAAA
Region 5-AAAAA
Region 4-AAAAA
Region 3-AAAAA

Region 7-AAAA
Region 6-AAAA
Region 5-AAAA
Region 2-AAAA
Region 1-AAAA

Region 7-AAA
Region 5-AAA
Region 4-AAA
Region 3-AAA
Region 2-AAA

Region 7-AA
Region 6-AA
Region 5-AA
Region 4-AA
Region 3-AA
Region 2-AA
Region 1-AA

Region 7-A
Region 3-A
Region 2-A
Region 1-A

If you have a bracket for a region tournament, please email it to georgiahoops@gmail.com.