Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blessed Trifecta

DUNWOODY -- Don't look now but we have ourselves a sleeping giant on our hands. Blessed Trinity knocked off Dunwoody 73-68 on Tuesday night.

Despite a raucous crowd and on the road for Dunwoody's first game of the year, Blessed Trinity never seemed phased by the atmosphere nor the intensity. In fact, the Titans seemed to be fueled by everything.

Senior guard Jordan Callahan led the charge for Blessed Trinity, scoring 26 points on a cool nine of 12 from the floor. Callahan, a 5-11 guard, hit four three-pointers and sparked a 18-6 run in the third quarter to break the game open.

Callahan hit back-to-back three-pointers and made key assists to junior Ryan LeGates, senior Ryan Aquino and Tyler Cerone. LeGates, a 6-2 guard, was outstanding in the run as well. He scored with brave drives to the basket and found Callahan on the wing for threes.

Dunwoody (No. 2 in the Georgia Hoops preseason power poll) struggled to find its way throughout the game and never seemed to find it's basketball voice in the clutch. Blessed Trinity came up with a big three-pointer every time Dunwoody made a run.

LeGates finished with 12 points and six assists while Aquino 13 points and 11 points and three blocks. Sophomore Arris Brundidge added eight points.

Dunwoody was led by Chris Singleton, who scored 21 points in his Wildcat debut. Junior guard Isaiah Grayson added 13 points in his debut, too. LSU bound forward Delwan Graham added 12 points and seven rebounds. Florida State bound guard Pierre Jordan pitched in with eight points.

What we learned:

- Blessed Trinity is the real deal. After a win over Marietta and a very convincing win over Dunwoody, the Titans will make a debut in the new power poll on Monday. They are a major force to be reckoned with in the state.

- Blessed Trinity is a well-oiled machine that plays together, plays smart, only attacked when the opportunity presented itself, had great ball control and spacing, didn't turn the ball over and stayed calm in an intense situation.

- Dunwoody will be fine. They have plenty of talent and plenty of size and plenty of experience. But this loss was an eye-opener for the Wildcats.

- The defeat was the first loss at home for Dunwoody in over two years.

- Like most elite teams in the state that deals with transfers, Dunwoody has to figure out how to come together as a cohesive unit.